Cheap Sea-View Land for Sale (Code: RL-1000)
San Jose, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Overlooking land for sale with panoramic view of the sea, the island of Cebu, and the environs below. Near points of interest: seashore - about 900 meters away, National Highway - about 700 meters away, town center - about 2 km. away, airport - about 14 km. away. Accessible through a partly concrete, partly gravel road - but mostly concrete starting from the highway.
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general property information
property type Agricultural/Sea-view Land/Overlooking. Perfect for Residential
lot area 1,000 sq.m., 1,856 sq.m., 1,972 sq.m. and 2,283 sq.m.
property INFORMATION Land is mostly flat with a portion gradually sloping.
Has panoramic view of the sea, the island of Cebu, and the environs below.
Barangay Road leading to the property (starting from the highway) is mostly paved/concreted with small portion being gravel road.
Electricity is accessible.
Government water system is accessible, but better to have own deep well.
Has strong Cellular signals for Smart and Globe networks.
Cable TV/Satellite - accessible.
Internet connection - accessible.
National Highway is just about 700 meters away.
Town center of San Jose is just 2 km. away.
Walking distance to the seashore, just 900 meters away.
Not too far from Dumaguete City, the provincial capital - just 17 km. away.
price LOT 2188 has been subdivided into 7 lots for easy selling. This is not a COMPLEX SUBDIVISION so there are no developments like what you can see in a fully developed subdivisions except for the road within this property which will be partly developed. This is the reason why lot price is very cheap - Php 450 - Php 750/sq.m. only. If you want a fully developed subdivision WITH PRICES RANGING FROM Php 3,000 - Php 4,000/sq.m., with all the amenities and developments, like parks, clubhouse, concrete roads, and all, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

Lot 2188-A (No sea view)
1,972 sq.m.
FREE 50 sq.m. Lot with sea-view
Lot 2188-B (With sea view) 2,833 sq.m. SOLD
Lot 2188-C (With sea view) 1,414 sq.m. SOLD
Lot 2188-D (With sea view) 3,084 sq.m. SOLD
Lot 2188-E (With sea view) 2,326 sq.m. SOLD
Lot 2188-F (No sea view) 1,000 sq.m.
FREE 50 sq.m. Lot with sea-view
Lot 2188-G (No sea view)
1,856 sq.m.
FREE 50 sq.m. Lot with sea-view
Php 450/sq.m. or Php 835,200
Lot 2187 (No sea view)
2,283 sq.m.
FREE 50 sq.m. Lot with sea-view
Php 450/sq.m. or Php 1,027,350

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distance to points of interest
seashore about 900 meters away
national highway about 700 meters away
Grocery about 2 km. away
shopping mall about 17 km. away (Dumaguete City)
wet market about 2 km. away
prep. / elem. school about 1 km. away
high school about 1 km. away
college / university about 17 km. away (Dumaguete City)
hospital about 17 km. away (Dumaguete City)
beach resort about 1.2 km. away (Wuthering Heights Resort)
golf course about 7 km. away
airport about 14 km. away
famous landmark Silliman University - about 17 km. away
town center San Jose - about 2 km. away
capital city Dumaguete City - about 17 km. away
manila about 1 hour by plane thru Dumaguete Airport
cebu about 25 minutes by plane thru Dumaguete Airport
About Negros Oriental


Negros Oriental, and its capital Dumaguete, lives up to its moniker "the city of gentle people" as US-based Islands magazine listed it as one of the 20 best islands to live on.

Islands magazine is one of the widest circulated and most trusted travel publications in the United States. Its readership of 500,000 comprises mostly of frequent tourists who take more than one annual holiday and stay for an average of seven days at any given vacation. (read more)


Forbes named Dumaguete as top 5 among 7 best places to retire around the world! Forbes is a leading media magazine and is among the most trusted resources for business and investment topics based in the United States.

In addition, the 2014 Retire Overseas Index chose Dumaguete to be one of the 'Best Places to Retire' around the world based on 12 factors, namely climate, existing expat community, cost of living, health care, crime, infrastructure, English spoken, real estate, entertainment, residency options, environmental conditions and taxes. (read more)

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measurements/Abbreviation Guide
• 1 hectare = 2.47 acres
• 1 hectare = 10,000 square meters
• 1 acre = 4,000 sq. m.
• 1 square meter = 10.76 square feet
• 1 kilometer = 0.62 miles 1 meter = 3.28 feet
• 1 meter = 1.09 yards sq.m. = square meters
• PHP or P = Philippine Peso
• USD or $ = United States Dollar m = meter
• approx = approximately
• km = kilometer
• min = minute